vineri, 3 septembrie 2010

Primul apus tomnatic

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Ónodi Zoltán - Zoty spunea...

I thought about it and decided to write to you. I didn't know what is the common language. I also like your style, I would like to correspondence with you. if you like it. google translator is ours friend if we don't understand something. ;) I have a plan, i would like to go to Romanian area (forexample: csíkszereda). :) :) Good night! :)

Ónodi Zoltán - Zoty spunea...

You write me, my public e-mail adress please! I don't like chating in my public blog. I hope it doesn't problem. :) My e-mail address, you can find my blog right side. I don't find your mail adress. :) Thank you! And I answer your question: I'm 20 years old. :)